One of the most complained about issues in communal offices is poor lighting. 

And it’s easy to understand why. Whether it’s too dim or too bright, inadequate lighting affects productivity and is also a health and safety concern. Headaches, fatigue and strained eyes can all be caused by bad lighting. 

So, how do you rectify this problem?

Firstly, think about the type of light source your office has and needs.

Natural Light

Of course, natural light is superior to any artificial form of lighting. 

So, keep window coverings to a minimum and allow the natural light to flow throughout the area by swapping solid partitions for glass ones. 

Unfortunately, relying solely on natural light is unlikely to be a viable option, so you’ll need to incorporate some forms of artificial lighting. 

Examples include:

Overhead lighting – Opt for lensed indirect lighting as opposed to direct parabolic lighting.

Task lighting: Tasks lights are lamps you can plug into any outlet in order to provide extra lighting where needed.

Ambient lighting: Ambient lighting has a low intensity, creating a more relaxing atmosphere.

Corrective lighting: Placing corrective lighting behind computer monitors can help diminish the glare coming from the screen.

How to Light Your Office

Carefully walk around your office space and note where light is badly distributed. The aim is to have an office that is uniformly lit. Incorporating various types of lighting can help to achieve balance.

Also, ask your employees what they think. Are they suffering from strained eyes? Does sitting at their desk, or looking at their computers, give them a headache?

 Another option is to perform some ergonomic tests, such as measuring the average illumination throughout the space. You can then compare your findings with the lighting recommendations for optimal productivity and safety.

Thanks for reading. We hope you found these tips helpful. Contact us if you’d like further information on Cube7 Interiors’ design services, glass partitions, office fit outs, and furniture packages.