‘Agile Working’ And What It Means For The Modern Office

Over the years, the term “agile working” has described various ways of working, which has led to confusion when attempting to define what it truly means. So, what is agile working, and how will it affect your office? Agile working brings people, processes, technology, time, and place together to find the best way to carry […]

Why 2023 Will Be The Year For Office Improvement

Have you been putting off making improvements to your office? If so, it’s time to get planning because 2023 is the year to finally make those changes. 12 month business rate refurb relief Chancellor Rishi Sunak recently announced that from 2023 all businesses in England will be able to improve their property without paying extra […]


One of the most complained about issues in communal offices is poor lighting.  And it’s easy to understand why. Whether it’s too dim or too bright, inadequate lighting affects productivity and is also a health and safety concern. Headaches, fatigue and strained eyes can all be caused by bad lighting.  So, how do you rectify […]

How Startups Can Promote Team Productivity in a Coworking Space

We are still right in the middle of the startup boom, where some innovative and enterprising business owners still build their companies out of dorm rooms and garages. Armed only with a clear vision and little capital, they run their operations while trying to minimize overhead expenses. Technology has been playing a crucial role in […]

Understanding Why Employees Leave

As a professional, seeing employees come and go has always been part of the working experience. It’s tough to consider this as a good thing regardless of the circumstances since parting ways with a staff member can be quite distressing at some level. While this move can be beneficial for an employee who’s trying to […]

What can Augmented and Virtual Reality do for Interior Design?

Some traditional methods of approximating floorspace for the purpose of ornamenting a room, have not accounted for height and visual weight. With developments in artificial intelligence, much of the guesswork and manual labour needed to plan a 2D format of a room has been eliminated. The rise of augmented and virtual reality has changed the […]

Evidence Technology Has Taken Over Interior Design

The industry of Interior Design seems to have been somewhat of a late bloomer when it comes to incorporating technology into its processes. Despite this, the industry has finally caught up and is fully immersed in using technology to enhance the space in which we exist. When it comes to technologizing the industry, a few […]

5 Awesome Office Design Ideas That Will Make Things Feel More Inviting

Commercial offices never seem to have a reputation for feeling inviting. Cubicles, white walls, and fluorescent lighting just don’t make things feel very warm. They’re built for function and most of the time companies are pretty happy to leave them that way. Unfortunately, having an office environment that doesn’t feel welcoming can be hard on […]

5 Design Tips For A More Productive Office

5 Design Tips For A More Productive Office Where you work has a huge impact on how you work, your ability to focus and remain focused, as well as your overall ability to be productive. Studies on offices and their productivity show that the biggest factor that affects your employees is their physical surroundings, so […]