Safety And Style From Cube7 Interiors

Safety is of paramount importance in any building, and at Cube7 Interiors, we are the industry leaders in the installation of fire-rated glass partitions and doors. For building contractors ISG, our Cube Red fire screens were the number one choice for their £48 million collaboration with developer Birkland. Cornbrook, a two-tower build-to-rent residential development designed […]

Glazed Partitioning: The Perfect Choice For The New Liverpool Arts And Humanities Centre

  Being the leading provider of glass partitioning across the North West means that Cube7 Interiors is the number one choice for some of the most significant projects in the region. In Liverpool, choosing our glass partitions and doors was a no brainer for Liverpool University Construction Company’s (ULCCO) new Arts and Humanities Centre. The […]

Glass Partitions Revamp Liverpool Women’s Hospital

At Cube7 Interiors, we are proud to work with a vast array of clients across various industries. Recently, we teamed up with Tilbury Douglas to provide glass partitions and screens for their £3 million Crown Street Improvement Project at Liverpool Women’s Hospital. The Project With our collaboration, Tilbury Douglas modernised the entire ground floor of the hospital, […]

Glass Partitions Modernise Manchester Casino

As an industry leader, Cube7 Interiors is the go-to provider of glass partitions and doors across Manchester, Liverpool and the North West. Our high-quality glass partitions and doors have transformed offices, residential buildings, educational settings and entertainment venues.One such venue to benefit from our products and expertise is Napoleons Casino and Restaurant in Manchester.The ProjectNo expense […]

CUBE7 Interiors Glazed Partitioning Brings Modern Look To Liverpool School Of Law

At Cube7 Interiors, we are proud to be market leaders in the Glass Partitioning field across the North West, working with some of the largest construction companies in Britain. Our high-quality glass partitions and doors are used in offices, hospitals, universities, and residential buildings, to name but a few. In Liverpool, our glass partitions were […]

CUBE7 Interiors Brings A Touch Of Glass To Luxury Manchester Development

At Cube7 Interiors, we’re renowned for providing top quality office refurbishment services across the North West. But our glass partitions and doors are not only used in office settings. Various clients use our products and refurbishment services, including hospitals, universities, and residential buildings. Recently, we teamed up with developer DeTrafford to provide and fit glass […]

How to Make Best Use of Technology in the Modern Office

Any innovative organisation relies on integrated, connected and streamlined technology to empower efficiency and creativity in the workplace. To stay ahead of the competition in your industry, you need to deploy technology at work to reduce friction in collaboration and productivity. While technology promises business resilience and exponential growth, you might think that digital clutter […]

How to Make Best Use of Glazed Glass Partitioning in the Office

The office-centric working culture in many parts of the world has rapidly shifted towards flexible working arrangements as COVID-19 pushed millions of employees to work from home. In the wake of the pandemic, many offices are struggling to re-open because of just how difficult it is to keep everyone safe and working at their best […]

What Does the Future Hold for Office Space After COVID?

During the Covid 19 Pandemic, many employers required that their staff work from home, resulting in employees shifting priorities to adapt to the change, especially in households with children. The time spent getting ready and commuting to the workplace has now transformed into bonus time spent with family. Others enjoyed more flexibility with their work […]

‘Agile Working’ And What It Means For The Modern Office

Over the years, the term “agile working” has described various ways of working, which has led to confusion when attempting to define what it truly means. So, what is agile working, and how will it affect your office? Agile working brings people, processes, technology, time, and place together to find the best way to carry […]